Being Authentic in Business: Buzzword or Accurate Advice?

Being Authentic in Business: Buzzword or Accurate Advice?


In the world of business, authenticity is an increasingly popular concept. But what does it mean? Is authenticity simply a buzzword that companies use to appear trendy, or is it a legitimate way of doing business?


My answer to that question is this.  True authenticity in business goes far deeper than most people realise.  It is challenging to achieve this.  Only showing your wins and successes is half of your story, it needs to be balanced with your experiences and challenges, and those can be hard to share.  


I am not saying you have to cry on camera and tell everyone your deepest personal stories – unless they are relevant to your business, but authenticity does require a level of transparency about the good AND the bad.  You need to be honest without alienating your audience.  That is where most businesses get authenticity wrong.


To be successful in business, you need to be true to yourself. Be truthful about who you are, what you believe in and how you work. Talk honestly about this with people outside and inside your company. Be brave enough to try new things, be creative, give yourself credit for successes and learn from mistakes.


Being true and transparent together can help you have a strong relationship with your customers, clients, and colleagues. If you want to be authentic in your business, remember to always be honest with yourself first. That will help the rest of it go smoothly.


Be honest and kind in all your business dealings. Talk to customers nicely and be true to your company’s mission. When people trust you, they will want to stay loyal for a long time.


When you embrace your real self, creativity in business flourishes. Stepping out of the box to consider new ideas and insights can be a powerful catalyst for staying ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving market. By opening yourself up to imaginative solutions, you have an opportunity to make bold moves that will truly set your company apart from everyone else.


Furthermore, being genuine is also a great way to build strong partnerships. By being open and honest with other businesses and customers, you foster a sense of goodwill that can last for years to come. This creates better relationships, which can lead to increased communication and collaboration.

People like to buy from people they know and trust. To get people to trust you, be real with them. Show your true self.


What is authenticity anyway?

Other than being a commonly-used buzzword these last few years, authenticity means being your true self in both words and actions. Do what you say and say what you do. Show that you care about your work and be honest about what you can do. Take responsibility for good things and bad things that happen. Show people who you are so they know how to work with you.


For me, it means sharing that I have had many businesses over the years – many of them were not successful, and I know why. I started businesses because I needed money.  I focused on the money, not the business, products and services, or customers. That is why I am a good business coach. I have already made some mistakes and gone through some of the same fears and failures that you might be feeling now.


I learned how to do business through experience and school. I made mistakes and then got my degree in business. That helped me understand why I made mistakes. Then I met Marnie Le Fevre, the CEO of Fempire, and other Fempire coaches. They helped me learn more about myself so that I could be successful in business.


Authenticity in business means being true to yourself. It includes both how you act and what you think. Showing the world who you are and how your business works helps customers trust that you will do what you say and that it is safe to do business with you.

Authenticity is not just important in the business!

Being yourself and being honest is important in your workplace. It will create a good atmosphere and make people feel respected. This can lead to more collaboration, creative ideas, and feeling better while at work.


It is important to be true and honest in business. Think about what you believe in, and how you want to do business. Show the world your values, not just what will get results right away. Then people will trust you and your business will be successful.


It can feel intimidating to show up authentically when the stakes are so high in business. We often think that we need to appear perfect, or that we need to exude a certain level of confidence to be successful. But authenticity is more than just being confident; it’s about having the courage and self-awareness to be honest with yourself and others.


Being authentic does not mean you have to be perfect. You will make mistakes and learn from them. To be authentic, you need courage, self-awareness, and sticking to your values, beliefs and goals. When you show your authenticity in business, people will like you more and your business may do better. So being authentic is important for success!


It takes courage, self-awareness, and understanding of yourself to be authentic. But it is worth it! Being authentic helps you make strong relationships with customers and have a successful business.


Authenticity in business starts with self-awareness. Take some time to reflect on who you are and how you want to show up in your business. Once you’ve identified those things, it will be easier to make decisions that align with your authenticity. Doing so will build trust and help your clients see you for who you are—the uniquely qualified person they want to work with!


It may take some practice and courage, but authenticity is key to business success. If authenticity is at the core of your work, it will be easier to build relationships and make an impact. Authenticity in business is about having the courage to show up as yourself. In the long run, that’s what clients will appreciate most.


Authenticity is more than just a buzzword—it’s a key factor in building successful businesses. Being authentic will help you stand out and make real connections with your clients, setting yourself up for success in the long run.  So take a moment to reflect on authenticity in business: is it just a buzzword, or is it accurate advice? I think it’s both.

Be honest and true when you talk to people. Make sure your online and offline personalities are the same. It can be scary to be truthful about yourself, but being honest about what you are good at, what you are bad at, and everything in between will help people trust you.


Having the courage to say no when you need to, and taking responsibility for successes and failures are important. Being authentic is more than just a phrase people use. It will help you create business relationships that last a long time. Be honest with yourself and your values so you can make an impact.


Some business people argue that there’s a subtle nuance to authenticity that means being yourself in the correct setting. For instance, wearing shorts or a business casual outfit to a corporate meeting where the other attendees are in formal suits could be seen as a sign of disrespect, even if that’s what you wear at your beach house. If you start swearing in the middle of a staff meeting or your emails or on your social media posts, even if that’s how you speak at home, it could be seen as disrespectful and off-putting.


However, when you have a clearly defined target audience and you start out being who you are, the people that matter the most will accept the real you. 


Think about women like Mia Freedman who shares her true self through social media, Paulina Porizkova and Justine Batemen, both of whom are embracing natural aging in the face of a world that is filled with the pressure to fill, lift, cut and remodel ourselves to hold on to looking forever 21.  


I believe these women are inspiring examples of being true to who they are, even when the spotlight is burning bright and hot.

Who Would You Do Business With?

People think of used car salesmen in a bad way but they might seem friendly to your face. They may say bad things when you are not around if you do not buy a car or if you ask too many questions. This makes people not want to buy the car because they don’t know if the salesman is telling the truth or just trying to sell a car.


A real person would want to help you buy a car that works. They would answer any questions and look for the answers if they don’t know. They will be honest about the car and won’t try to make you buy it if you are not ready. Which person seems more real when buying a car?

Authenticity + Transparency: The Key to a Beautiful Brand

Realising that perfection is not essential to success can empower you to be courageous even when it doesn’t come naturally, improving your brand and defining the core purpose behind it. Moreover, being true to yourself will guide you through the branding journey so that by its end you are prepared to attract new customers with confidence.


Authenticity should be the cornerstone of any successful business. To truly stand out in your industry, you must integrate your online presence and offline persona to demonstrate that consistency. 


Being open, honest, and transparent with yourself as well as those around you will help establish meaningful connections within the business world based on trust. So put yourself out there – showcase who you are authentically and get ready for a powerful impact.


Authenticity in business is no longer just a buzzword. It’s an essential tool for creating lasting relationships with customers and other businesses. By being genuine, honest, and sincere in all aspects of your work, authenticity can help build trust, encourage creativity, and foster strong partnerships.  So don’t just think of authenticity as a trend – use it to your advantage.


I have just booked a photo shoot to update my brand.  To say that I am feeling timid about it is an understatement.  I am heavier than I want to be – and yes I am working on that, I am 53 years old and have the lines and wrinkles to prove it.  


None of us are shielded from the pressures of society.  But I am driven by the need to be a leader in wanting to be known for what I bring to the table.   

For me, that means saying yes, this is me, warts and all.  But I am bloody good at helping women in business and I love doing it.  (About now is a good time to say follow me on my socials to see the results of my photoshoot!)


The key takeaway here is that authenticity in business isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an important and effective way to do business that can have long-term benefits. By being genuine, honest, and sincere in all aspects of your work, authenticity can help build trust between companies and their customers and foster strong partnerships with other businesses. 

So don't just think of authenticity as a trend - use it to your advantage and grow an authentically successful business!

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