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You're SUPER busy, but where is the money, the clients, the freedom?

If you are ready to stop the HUSTLE and GRIND, then you are ready to follow the step by step process called the FeMillionaire Framework.


Growing your business means being consistent, and you can certainly do that on your own.  But knowing what to work on when, and how to automate that consistency to grow your business fast….that’s why you work with me.

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Want to Maximize your Profit and Minimise your Work Hours?

You’ve come to the right place!

I am a Sam Morris, an Business Coach, Small Business Mentor and Group Trainer from Melbourne Australia, who loves working with ADHD entrepreneurs in particular.

Having been in business for the past 19 years, and being a mother of 5 - (4 of them are Neurodivergent), I know how precious your time is and how things can go sideways pretty fast. Kids grow up FAST and it is scary how much you miss because you are working to make a better life for them.

But more often than not, by the time you have figured out how to get your business to run without you, the kids have already grown up - and you missed it.

But if you tell me about your business, I can tell you how to change things up to make more money working less hours.

Then you don't have to miss a thing.

What would it feel like if you had someone with a fresh perspective to talk to about your business with?


How good would it feel to have clients steadily coming in and feeling happy with your service, without worrying about who is doing what, or how. Find out how to get things running seamlessly - even if you are the ONLY person in your business.


Are you overloaded with information and still don't know what to do? It's about knowing what, how and when to take action. Imagine being able to confidently get things done because you KNOW how, when and why.


Ever feel like your hard-earned money is slipping through your fingers faster than it comes in? Let's change that. Discover how to master your money management, keeping more in your pocket and waving goodbye to bill-related worries.

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When you feel like everything is resting on your shoulders, you don't want to make a mistake.

And then you get stuck in analysis paralysis – and don’t do anything.


What if you had someone to bounce things off of, someone who can share wisdom, insight and perspective that actually helps you.


Because sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do, or to listen without judgement, but above all to HELP.

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