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Helping Coaches become the CEO they need to be to run a successful Coaching Business.

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You need support at your fingertips . . .


Together we work very closely to make your coaching business a success:

✅A global community of coaches at all stages of business

✅The training and guidance you need so you can attract the right clients

✅Clarity on what to do next

✅Start making the impact you dreamed of when you decided to become a coach

✅The vision you have for your business and your life is bigger than what you've got right now

Why FeMetis ?

In 2022 I began meeting with fellow coaches.  We met because we had a strong connection based on our experience as coaches.  We couldn’t help but notice that the biggest problems we had were faced by all coaches.


There simply wasn’t anyone out there helping coaches learn how to run and coaching business AND helping them get clients WITHOUT doing things we all didn’t want to do.


So together we started working on FeMetis.


FeMetis launched at the end of 2023 and has already changed the trajectory of our Founding Coaches.


We are determined to be transparent, honest, and offer REAL support to the coaches who join us.


Even if you haven’t started your coaching business yet, or perhaps you have been coaching for years – we welcome you and offer you the refreshing change you have been looking for.