5 Reasons Why Women Over 45 Should Be Starting Their Business Dream Now

5 Reasons Why Women Over 45 Should Be Starting Their Dream Business Now


Society often views women differently as they age, yet we are still in our prime and have much to offer. On average, 45 marks the halfway point of an individual’s working life- so why wait for someone else to recognize your worth? All women should take ownership of their future by establishing a business before it’s too late, even if it requires you to get business mentoring. The sooner you begin, the earlier you can progress toward success!


If we do not take ownership of our future as older women in Australia, the current state of affairs looks bleak. However, we can push back against these stereotypes and statistics by taking control now by opting for business coaching for women. We must empower ourselves to create a brighter future for all!


Owning your own business offers countless rewards regardless of age or gender, yet the benefits are particularly beneficial for women aged 45 and over. These advantages only become more pronounced with time!




As a woman over 45, you have collected years of life wisdom that our male counterparts may not possess. Through your experience as an avid consumer, you’ve gained valuable insights into the market, which make you even more powerful in business.




As you have journeyed through life, hitting 45, you’ve likely had to grapple with loan payments, credit cards, and budgeting for vacations or your weekly grocery run. Financial management is essential to business success; one lesson remains: never spend more than what you can bring in as income. Your experience up until now has indeed taught this valuable takeaway!




After spending decades devoted to your loved ones, it is time for you to start living the life you deserve when reaching 45. Women tend to give themselves away so quickly and put their dreams on hold ― let this be the moment where you remind yourself who you are, what type of person you want to become, and how you can make those goals achievable. Get mentors for opening business if you’re unsure of how to start. Now is the perfect opportunity for self-discovery!


In 2020, over half of Jobseeker recipients were aged 45 and up – an astonishing difference from the mere 28% recorded in 2000. Unfortunately for women, ageism is a real issue that can create a stigma against them for possessing out-of-date skills or being unable to adapt quickly enough; something men are rarely judged on.


Once adults reach a certain age, they usually face immense difficulty looking for new job opportunities. Although this is a daunting predicament, I am living proof that these individuals still have much potential. Daily, I observe the incredible value these women bring to my workplace and beyond – an abundance of knowledge that cannot be understated. You can also learn from these fantastic women once you start your business, and getting help from the best business mentors would be the perfect solution.


Why should we let the misinformed views of other employers block us from business success?




As the tide turns towards “mature-age women,” you may be faced with underestimation. Take this as a chance to strike; nothing quite compares to an unexpected offensive!


When you fly under the radar, your competition won’t see you coming! It also provides a critical advantage in business – allowing you to make moves that the competition won’t notice until it is too late.




Nowadays, we expect businesses to be socially involved. If you have a mission or cause close to your heart, running a business is an incredible way to spread awareness while making an economic impact with the same stone!


No matter why you want to establish a business–whether it’s to help your family, aid others, or make an impact on the planet–letting your passion drive you forward will be vital in fueling success.

Hire a business mentor for a helpful guide, and get started; you have no time to waste!


Despite being in my early 50s, instead of talking about retirement, I’m dreaming up how to expand even more on the business opportunities and community impact that Fempire has brought me thus far. My enthusiasm for learning new things keeps me young at heart, which is why owning multiple businesses makes this ageing journey delightful! I can take charge of my workload, revenues, and how I engage with the world.


My vision is clear; the traditional retirement age doesn’t compute. It only creates a sense of pressure as time is running out for me to reach my goals. Therefore, by leveraging all the opportunities available to me now, I can ensure that I live on my terms!


In 2020, the world seemed upside down. Many believed that launching a business after COVID would be nearly impossible – which is correct for some industries.


Nevertheless, there has been an immense surge in revenue for others, and even more enterprises have come about due to modern market needs.




Divorce is an unfortunate reality and can be especially difficult, depending on the age of those involved. Did you know that divorce peaks between the ages of 25-29?


Young children may be a factor at this point in life, but women are just starting to put their career paths into motion.


Additionally, 45-49 year olds experience another peak due to potential time out from work, raising children, or being financially supported by a partner – making financial independence more critical when they manage alone.


Women need role models or business mentors, and leadership is the most suitable way to provide it.


Unfortunately, women over age 45 face fewer opportunities, so more females have taken matters into their own hands by establishing their initiatives. By taking control of our lives, finances, and time management, as well as having an effect on the planet, we can demonstrate our authority.


Why start a business? Simply put, it’s freedom. Spending most of your waking hours completing tasks you don’t find engaging can lead to an unsatisfying return on investment for many people. Everybody has something they are talented at and enjoy doing – why not turn that into a profitable venture? 


Pursuing entrepreneurship requires creativity, initiative, and resilience to overcome potential obstacles. Job searching can be tiresome as positions may not emerge when you need them, and feedback can sometimes feel overwhelming.


However, launching a business comes with rewards that could make all of the effort worth it. Treat these hurdles as stepping stones and learn from women business mentors to overcome them effectively.


While starting up will require an initial investment, in comparison with job hunting, growth opportunities are virtually unlimited! 


In 2020, working from home was no longer a goal but a necessity. Yet despite the change in circumstances, the appeal of maintaining a laptop lifestyle has only grown stronger – who wouldn’t want to work on the beach and enjoy cocktails?


Despite its slightly altered form due to current events, it is still possible for individuals to take advantage of opportunities that enable them to find success while being able to work remotely—no matter where their location is!


People often overlook the sheer dedication it takes to run a business, but in reality, having your venture can help you establish and maintain an ideal work-life balance in the long term.


Of course, launching a business involves immense effort and preparation – no exaggeration!


However, if achieving that equilibrium is more important than scaling quickly, then creating this kind of setup from day one will enable you to build something sustainable which pays well enough so that you don’t have to sacrifice any quality of life.


If you need help achieving this equilibrium, get a small business coach who can guide you through the entire process.


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