coaching for business coaching in australia

Coaching for Business Coaches Australia

Coaching for Business Coaches Australia

Australia’s coaching community is diverse, with practitioners specialising in various areas from personal transformations to executive performance. Aspiring business coaches need a solid starting point, and FeMetis steps in as a reliable guide.

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Profiling Coaches in Australia

FeMetis helps you understand the nuances within the coaching landscape, distinguishing career coaches, wellness coaches, leadership coaches, and business coaches Australia, and globally. This clarity allows you to carve your niche and attract clients aligned with your expertise.

Importance of Mentorship for Business Coaches

FeMetis recognises the need for ongoing skill development. When you move in an industry as we do, you see trends, notice gaps, and most of all, met amazingly talented people who are brilliant in their area of expertise, and still don’t have clients.  Business is such a broad tapestry that requires us all to be CEO’s of our coaching business.  Sometimes we are unclear as to what that means and how to do it.  FeMetis identified this gap and set about filling it by teaching coaches to become CEO’s.  We offer a supportive space for business coaches to reflect, refine, and elevate their practice. With FeMetis’s guidance, you’ll focus on client attraction, reigniting passion, honing coaching skills, and building a thriving business.

Expanding Global Reach

FeMetis acknowledges the global coaching community’s interconnectedness and provides a global coaching directory and business development platform. This collaboration allows you to tap into a global network, become a catalyst for change, and enhance your visibility. With FeMetis as your roadmap and global launchpad, you transition from a solo practitioner to a community member, empowered to build a successful coaching career.


There are some pretty poor statistics out there regarding the success rates of coaching programs. And oftentimes people who don’t succeed slip quietly away into the night, because they blame the failure on themselves.


Coaches need to start taking responsibility for the people they accept money from.


Now that statement may ruffle some feathers, but let me explain why.


In a bid to fill programs and earn income, we set about to take on clients. However, we take on clients that we shouldn’t. That will not do the work, will not make it through our programs, people that are not ready for or willing to make change. Perhaps their is a degree of naivity on our part, because we genuinely believe we can help people – but we have to accept that we cannot help ALL people.


By allowing people to take on coaching and not succeeding we let the entire industry down. We muddy the waters with shame and failure. And I just don’t think that is good enough.

Embrace Growth with FeMetis

Beyond a coaching business implementor, as a FeMetis founder, I am a great supporter of coaches finding honesty and clarity in what they do and what they can help certain people achieve.  This approach catalyses your growth and opens doors to limitless possibilities. Gain knowledge, build a strong network, and receive support to navigate the coaching landscape effectively. Take the next step toward a successful coaching career by exploring FeMetis’s programs and connecting with expert coaches.

FeMetis is designed to be an opportunity, an equal one.  A place where coaches are mentored, trained and encouraged.  Where honesty and kindness are the culture.  What it isn’t is a feeding ground for those that pay more, for spamming and stalking.  It is a place of exploration and discovery.  We are approaching the connection between clients and coaches as one of heartfelt introduction.

Visit FeMetis now to discover your path to business coaching success. Explore programs like FeMetis, connect with business implementor’s expert coaches, and position yourself as a leader in the evolving world of business coaching in Australia.

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