How to become a master at getting things done without feeling overwhelmed

As a small business owner, productivity is not merely about ticking off tasks from your to-do list. It’s about utilising resources like time, money and labour as efficiently as possible in order to maximise results. Productivity is all about working smarter rather than just harder – it isn’t simply getting things done faster but crafting an efficient system that helps you achieve more with less effort.


Have you ever caught yourself telling people you have been busy?  Your friends ask you what you have been up to and your answer is “oh I have been so busy”.  I know I have said it myself many times.  But as I walk away I start thinking.  If I have been so busy, why haven’t I got anything done?


Here are some reasons why productivity is more than just getting things done for a small business owner:


Maximising efficiency is the foundation of productivity. To achieve this, it’s important to rank tasks in order of importance and assign tasks where appropriate. Additionally, leveraging technological resources can speed up processes while limiting resource usage; as a result, small business owners can do more with less time and fewer tools.


Productivity is not only about the volume of work that you can produce, but also mandatory when it comes to quality. Small business owners should ensure their output meets customer needs and propels their company’s growth. By prioritising productivity, small business entrepreneurs guarantee they are delivering top-notch value with every transaction to guarantee success for everyone involved. 


Streamlining processes and utilising resources efficiently is key for the success of small businesses. This way, you can increase your output without having to incur major expenses – resulting in increased revenue and long-term growth! By optimising productivity through smart business practices, you will be able to unlock exponential profits with less effort than ever before.

Work-life balance

The Holy Grail!  Small business owners can foster a healthier work-life balance by becoming more productive. Productivity is key to working smarter and not harder, which ultimately will permit you to use the extra time for activities outside of your job such as enjoying quality time with family and friends or participating in hobbies that bring out your innermost passions. You deserve it!

So do you want to be busy, or productive?

Productivity is more than just getting things done for a small business owner because it involves optimising resources, improving efficiency, maintaining high quality, promoting growth, and achieving a better work-life balance. By focusing on productivity, small business owners can achieve success and sustainability in their businesses.


Here is where I tell you how what I do can be of real benefit to you.  Because Business coaches are invaluable resources for entrepreneurs, as we keep the owner responsible for your growth. We provide new insight and problem-solving strategies while pushing you out of your comfort zone. Moreover, these experts look at a company’s operations objectively and determine what areas need improvement or development.  


One of the most important expertise business coaches bring to the table is productivity. It’s easy for you to feel like you need to constantly be doing something. But, productivity isn’t about being busy—it’s about getting things done.


It’s great that you can work hard, but it’s even better if you are productive and achieve your goals. Being productive requires a good understanding of your workflow and how long each task takes from start to finish. Knowing this will not only help keep you on track with various tasks but also allow you to plan for bigger projects that may require more time and resources.


To get started with productivity, have an honest conversation with yourself about your productivity habits. Are there certain tasks that take you longer than others? Are there areas where you could be more efficient? Once these questions are answered, it’s time to move on to the next step of productivity—planning.


Planning is one of the most important parts of productivity. It’s important that you set realistic goals and objectives for yourself so that you can stay motivated and keep progressing towards meeting them. This will also help set expectations with those around you in terms of what they can expect from you. If a task requires multiple steps, break it down into smaller subtasks that are easier to manage and measure results against.


As an entrepreneur, striving for productivity instead of merely occupying yourself with tedious tasks can help you optimise and accomplish more in less time. Developing a scheme to maximise your efficiency will not only give you the impetus to keep going but also ensure that all business operations are running smoothly. With this strategy in place, professionals won’t just stay organised but motivated too!


Productivity is more than just performing your daily tasks. A business coach will improve your productivity in all aspects of your business life. Here are some examples:

  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a surefire way to launch your business. Take for example, networking with people or presenting in front of the Chamber of Commerce; even though it can be intimidating at first, practising these tasks will quickly become second nature and you’ll end up forming real relationships that are beneficial to your venture. Additionally, this opens more doors than if you simply stayed online – imagine gaining new customers faster! So why not take a chance?
  2. I will offer you meaningful and constructive criticism to power your growth and success. I’m not here to take control of your business, rather my goal is for you to become an expert in leading and managing it on your own. With directions, advice, and direction- heeding the counsel given by your coach -you are certain to acquire remarkable leadership skills as well as business savvy.
  3. With the help of a business coach, who views operations from an impartial perspective, you can expect smooth sailing in many areas of your company. From automation to virtual assistants or even hiring employees with the right set of tools – all these measures will ensure that customers remain content and overhead costs are kept low. Furthermore, it gives personnel a chance to be more productive as they have access to the helpful resources needed to carry out their tasks efficiently.
  4. Having a business coach on your team means you can transform your creative vision into a tangible reality. No longer will all of your product ideas remain stuck in limbo; instead, with an experienced mentor guiding you through each concept’s viability and efficacy, planning for success has never been easier.  She will also guide you through the production process to complete your product quickly and cost-effectively.

Smart business owners know they can’t know everything about every subject, especially if they have no experience in running a business. This is where a business coach can become the business’ top asset, guiding you to financial success. If you’re ready to hire a smart business coach, schedule a discovery call with me today because your time is your most valuable resource – and that means you need to focus on being productive and not feeling too busy.

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