How to take Action and create a successful business marketing strategy

How to take Action and create a successful business marketing strategy

As a successful female entrepreneur, you need to understand that having an effective strategy and plan is vital for your success. However, you must get business mentoring and take the initiative to achieve the objectives outlined in these plans.

You are an entrepreneur; time is a valuable asset. It is essential to know how much effort and resources it will take before getting started. Numerous helpful tools enable you to finish projects in record time. However, they won’t be as effective if you don’t first spend ample energy researching and creating an actionable marketing plan.

If you’re not careful, you could spend precious time and futile efforts like posting to social media or handing out flyers without calculating the outcomes. To guarantee your endeavors are practical and quantifiable, you must create an integrated campaign with the help of business mentors that you can monitor for improvement. Skillfully planned strategies will give you the upper hand in achieving your goals.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the best way to optimize your time efficiency.

How do you put together a marketing strategy for your business?

1. WHAT are you trying to achieve

The first step in making a successful marketing plan is determining your goals. You need more than just sales to reach your objectives. It will help more if you also had a strategy for finding potential customers and teaching them how to get benefits from your product range. When all of these elements come together, it will be easier for you to get even better results in all areas of marketing.

2. WHO are you talking to?

It is essential to find out who is your ideal customer, before selling them a product or service. You need to know what they need, want, and desire. In this way, you can create marketing content specifically tailored for them! By doing this, you will attract the right people and get more sales.

3. WHY should they listen

While creating marketing materials, ask yourself how they will help your target audience. Think about what kind of content will get their attention and make them take some action. Creating something valuable for your clients can establish a strong connection with them and drive more conversions.


A touchpoint is an interaction between your company and its target audience. You may also connect with people through events, customer support services, or through small business startup advisors and mentors. Whatever form the contact takes on helps people learn about your company and what you offer: success.

Forging strong client relationships is dependent on delivering your customers a consistent, captivating message about how your products can satisfactorily answer their needs. To achieve this goal, you must utilize diverse forms of content. Luckily for you, CoSchedule has compiled an all-encompassing list with more than 13 different types.

4. Where to find customers?

The go-to place to find customers for just about every business starting these days is social media – because you can use it for free. But it can feel overwhelming to keep posting all the time – especially when trying to keep up with the big players in your industry.

So how do you do it?

Content Multiplication is the ideal approach to guarantee that you distribute your content in the most appropriate channels. With this tool, you can utilize social media, podcasts, YouTube videos, and even flyers or sponsorships – no matter what platform works for you! Plus, when you rework your material into various formats and then add them to several streams, it will help in saving time and maximize promotional opportunities.

For instance, Shoot a Youtube video as a blog on your website, break down long-form videos into smaller snippets for Instagram stories, and pull quotes out for Twitter. According to women business coaches, content Multiplication can make all of this possible. I can show you more than 50 ways to create social collateral from one piece of long-form content.

5. When is the best time to communicate?

Timing is everything. It means thinking about when you want to start your campaign based on events at that time. These events could be related to the seasons or holidays. It would help if you have considered anything else crucial to the people you target before starting your campaign. If you have hired someone who knows a lot about social media, or if you have done some research yourself, then this should be easy to do!

Put Your Strategy into Action

Having a plan, along with the top business mentors’ guidance, allows you to work efficiently and get the most out of your marketing campaign. Many companies create content as a part of their advertising, and planning can help in saving time and resources.

Being organized is essential for conserving valuable time. Foreknowledge of what you need to create spares the amount of research required when in creation mode – thus avoiding any possibility of following a never-ending rabbit hole.

Scheduling and batching my work helps me to hyper-focus on each task, producing premium content. With this systematic approach, I can tap into moments of creative inspiration more effectively, leading to a conveyor belt of ideas and productivity!

Multitasking – Stop telling yourself you are getting more done.

Let me tell you about multitasking here. I used to flaunt my capability of doing multiple things at once – like carrying my phone in one hand, the baby on the other hip, picking up a toy with toes, and simultaneously holding onto paperwork while finishing invoices. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it paints a picture of my capabilities.

I would sprint around my house with a simmering pot of spaghetti bolognese and laundry washing in the background. Back then, ADSL was the internet connection that I trusted. Without realizing it at first, I deluded myself into thinking I could manage all tasks simultaneously, believing that I had superhuman strength: like a MACHINE. How wrong were my delusions? The bolognese always splattered up the wall and on my T-shirt.

Over time, I discovered that multitasking adversely affected my productivity. The pot would boil over more often than not, and the internet connection would frequently time out, causing me to start from scratch – this only served as a source of added frustration! Surprisingly enough, recent research by Stanford University unveiled that even though people like myself believed we were great at multitasking, our performance decreased when attempting to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. This factor is also why you need to get mentors for opening business.

Scientists have developed a way to understand the complexities of how our brains work. It turns out that multitasking is unproductive and can be detrimental by overloading our minds with too much information and disrupting clear focus. Here’s what this means for your marketing plan: Stop aimlessly experimenting and realize how essential it is to create an organized strategy with precision, clarity, and direction to succeed!

The Key to Streamlining Processes – Online Tools and Applications

Now that you have carefully outlined your strategy consider how you can use tools to simplify and streamline your operations. Let me give an example of how I manage my blogging activities – it’s a great illustration!

Create a Content Plan – Google Sheets

I assemble my content plan in an organized and strategic manner using Google Sheets. It provides a visual representation of all aspects related to each piece, from its beginning stages and middle process to eventual completion. With this format laid before me like a roadmap, I can see how one article leads into another week after week.

Manage the Workflow – Trello

To ensure I adhere to my content plan, I create a card in Trello for each idea and assign it a deadline.

Create the Content – Google Docs

I can effortlessly attach it to the Trello card by utilizing Google Docs to compose written content. It makes collaborating with my team much simpler as well. And if you’re working solo, simply assigning yourself a due date on Trello helps you to add an extra layer of accountability so that you can stay on track!

Create Graphics – Canva

I can’t resist the creative process, and Canva has been my lifesaver! With this fantastic design tool, I can craft stunning graphic elements, infographics, and posts for social media, even though I don’t possess any artistic skills.

Publish on Website – WordPress

After creating my content, I upload it to my website and Content Studio, a fantastic social media scheduling app. Although there are many more applications you could use in your business apart from these few, you don’t need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the whole process; it’s pretty straightforward, especially if you take help from business mentor programs!

Everything in Trello, Canva, and WordPress is created using a template. I set this up once and can recreate the same standard of work every time. 

One of my most valuable tool is Google Calendar. I use it to set aside appropriate time chunks to work efficiently without multitasking while also making sure that I’m giving myself a focused time during my peak hours when creating content such as blogs and graphics. It has benefited me personally and professionally, allowing me to manage tasks with great precision!

A great way to start is by utilizing the accessible version of these apps or their competitors. But when you’ve established your business and can afford it, a paid version will offer more features and increase functionality – making it worthwhile!

A Strategy needs to be reviewed and updated regularly

It’s essential to evaluate the performance of your marketing plan now and then, to ensure that it will be successful and meets the objectives you set. This evaluation is even more crucial in this day and age of quick technological progress and drastic adjustments in the market. Regular reviews guarantee that your approach remains pertinent while still generating desired results.

Crafting a plan may seems daunting, but it can be straightforward if you follow all the tips from the best business mentors. Remember – the clearer your approach is, the higher your chance of staying on track.

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