Top Trends for Email Subject Lines That Actually Increase Your Open Rates

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Do you ever feel jittery about coming up with a killer email subject line for your subscribers? With a nifty small business coach by your side, you can fabulously pique their interest and watch your open rates soar! 

For all the snazzy service-based ladies out there, nailing that engaging email game has never been more critical. 

Don’t worry – I’m here to help you out! 

Whether you’re looking for witty puns or creative copywriting ideas, I’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to boost your open rate and keep customers coming back for more.

We keep a constant eye on one key metric – email open rates. And seriously, it’s for a good reason – if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails, then they’re simply missing out on all the goodies:

·        Your newest program

·        Your latest must-have discovery

·        That epic blog post that you just wrote

Imagine you have only two measly seconds to get your reader to open your email.

Not enough?

How about you do it in just ten words?

Yeah, writer’s block is coming in hot now.

That’s a tall order, even for seasoned copywriters or business mentors. But there are some tactics you can use.

Why not embrace the art of ambiguity?

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen those “clickbait” headlines that say, “She adds this to her coffee and loses weight without trying!”

According to the top business mentors, the reason headlines like that work is because we can’t help but want to know what “this” is that she’s adding to her coffee.

Is it organic? Salt? Peanut butter?

We imagine the possibilities, but in the end, we have to find out, so we click.

Want to make your email subject lines instantly more enticing? Here’s a trick: replace the boring “this” with the actual thing you’re talking about! 

“She does this to her email and gets a 79% open rate.”

“She does this on her Instagram reels and gets 10,000 new followers.”

“She started doing this in her business and now she makes six figures amount.

Come on…you know you have clicked on these…and your subscribers will too.

Ask a Question

Another great way to increase email open rates is to ask an interesting question in the subject line. As per the international business mentors, questions can capture attention and make readers curious, so they want to click and see the answer. 

Try something like:

“Are you ready for this email marketing trick?”

“Do you know how to double your open rate?”

“Have you seen this new trend yet?”

By asking such questions, you create curiosity and a helpful reminder that they have something valuable waiting on the other side of their inbox.

Use Numbers

Here’s another strategy for creating must-read content:


“7 Hidden Benefits of Waking Up at 5 am”

“3 Unlikely Ways to Close the Sale.”

“5 Social Media Platforms You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring.”

Numbers work so well in subject lines because we are ego-centric and curious. We must know if we already use those three ways to close the sale. We will walk away feeling suitable for being a marketing expert, or we will learn something. Both are compelling reasons to open an email.

Use Power Words

Like all writing, choosing powerful words is far more effective than settling for their weaker counterparts. Imagine these two subject lines appear in your inbox. Which are you more likely to open among the following?

“WordPress Makes Better Looking Websites for Non-Designers”


“Create a Gorgeous Website—Even if You’re Not a Designer”

While both subjects offer the same information, the first is weak, while the second is far more compelling. Power words like “gorgeous” and “create” compel us to open the email and learn more about it.

Your email subject line is your golden chance to grab your reader’s attention and keep them engaged.

Quick Tips To Increase Your Eail Open Rates

When it comes to email subjects, there are a few more tips by online business mentors to keep in mind if you want to bring up your open rates:

Quick Email Tip 1

Keep it short – no more than ten words at the very least and fewer if you can. Studies show that the more words you use, the lower your email open rates are likely to be.

Quick Email Tip 2

Use targeted keywords – this helps to provide a clear idea to the potential customers of what the email will contain and can help to increase your open rate. For example, if you’re writing about email marketing, including “email” in the subject line will draw attention.

Quick Email Tip 3

Be creative – don’t be afraid to experiment and develop something a bit wacky or witty. It could just be what catches someone’s eye and leads them to open your email.

REMEMBER – Don’t make false promises – avoid making bold claims that your email can’t deliver on. Keep it honest and straightforward, and your customers will appreciate it.

Quick Email Tip 4

Test and learn – try out different subject lines to see which works best. You might find that longer or shorter versions have higher open rates or that certain words pique people’s interest more than others. One of the best pieces of advice by women Business coaches is to put an A/B testing strategy in place to help you get the most out of your email campaigns.

Quick Email Tip 5

Don’t overdo it – too many emails can overwhelm you and lower down your open rates, so be mindful of how often you send messages to your list. Stick with quality content tailored specifically for them, but don’t bombard them with daily emails.

The good idea is to set up boundaries right from the start. When people signup for your list, give them a taste of what you expect on your “thank you page.” Something like –

“I will pop into your Inbox once a week with some great tips to help you with your email marketing.”

“I won’t SPAM your Inbox, so choose how often you want to hear from me.”

Use personalization, but sparingly. Occasional use of your reader’s first name can be a powerful technique.

Tease Your Email Subscribers

Try to highlight the main benefit of your content in the subject line. Think of it as a way to peak interest and make readers feel like they need to open it right away, or else they will miss something special. It also helps to establish a bit of playful banter between you and your readers, which can help increase email open rates. 

For example, if you are sending out an email about how to create great email marketing campaigns, try using a subject line like “Secrets to High Open Rates Revealed!” 

Just make sure that it accurately describes the content inside. That way, readers won’t feel tricked or misled into opening something irrelevant to them.

As per the best business mentors, another great way to tease your content is by using questions in the subject line. Again, this encourages curiosity and compels people to open your message immediately. 

Try something like “Want Better Email Open Rates? Ask Yourself These Questions…”

Make Your Emails Stand Out

Most emails are marketing in nature. You can combat that by using language that stands out from the crowd. Interject quirkiness and humor when you can, or try to be more creative with your word choice. Don’t be afraid to be different or even a bit weird – it can help you stand out from the pack and capture someone’s attention. 

You never know what might work!

When crafting your email subject line, put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. What would capture their attention? You should also consider what kind of words are likely to trigger spam filters. If you have an original idea for a subject line then test it with a sample audience before sending it to the concerned designation.

If your readers are not opening your emails, they will never be converted into your customers. Therefore, focusing on the subject lines of your email campaigns is paramount for success and should be noticed. 

Try out a few of these tips by the best mentors in business to see what works best with your audience, and keep an eye on open rates so you can determine which strategies work best for you!

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