3 Rookie Mistakes You're Making with Your Tiny Email List

3 Rookie Mistakes You’re Making with Your Tiny Email List

Just running a business can be overwhelming, especially if you have ADHD. When trying to make your way in the world of e-commerce, it could be too easy to get stuck in making rookie mistakes that are eating away at your success without realizing it. It’s time to pay attention and stop damaging yourself by following the tips of mentors in business! Here’s what you need to know: 3 rookie mistakes you’re making with your tiny list…and how to avoid them!

Many of today’s most prosperous, “have it all” entrepreneurs once had a humble list. Marie Forleo, Carrie Wilkerson, and Denise Duffield-Thomas are only some examples who started from the bottom with one subscriber, just like you. Don’t be discouraged if your list is small! With dedication, hard work, and support from a small business coach, you can achieve greatness too.

Not using your tiny list to its full potential

No matter how many subscribers you have, 10 or even 10,000 – they all need your insight and advice. That’s why it is paramount to keep in regular contact with them so that you don’t let down the connection between yourselves. Your email list counts on you for help when making purchases – offering them valuable information about your domain and aiding their growth through your messages. Please don’t leave them hanging!

According to the best business mentors, letting your email list go cold is one of an entrepreneur’s biggest marketing mistakes. Investing time and energy in building a tiny email list should not be taken for granted. A small but engaged email list could equate to more conversions than a larger, dormant one. So don’t slack off – give your subscribers great content and promotions, and consider what type of message will spark their interest. Build a relationship with them so that they already know who you are and trust what you’re offering when it comes time to buy.

When you fail to promote your products and services, or worse, when you don’t email them, you’re letting your subscribers down. They want to hear back from you.

Have you heard the term KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST? When customers entrust you with their email addresses, they implicitly test these three criteria. If you don’t meet the standards that you have set for yourself, it will be impossible to establish trust with your customers and build meaningful relationships.

Not Reaching Out to Potential Email Collaboration Partners

Although undoubtedly, some people in each industry will only accept you if your list size exceeds their target of 5,000 subscribers. Rest assured that many more appreciate quality over quantity and would be willing to look at what you offer despite the number of individuals on your mailing list. Don’t let yourself feel intimidated by those numbers and miss out on the incredible opportunities and tips by women business coaches that can improve the growth of your business.

It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting anywhere with such a small list, but don’t let that feeling to lead you down towards the wrong path. You may miss out the chance to collaborate with other businesses or influencers in your industry who could provide value and help in bringing more subscribers into your list.

Make sure you take advantage of cross-promotion opportunities and don’t hesitate to reach out! A significant relationship can go a long way, even if your list is small. If you don’t maintain that relation then you’re missing out on opportunities to increase your inventory, earn more customers, and even grow your circle of influence in your niche. Please don’t be shy about letting people know you have an email list. Take the initiative to ask other entrepreneurs and international business mentors about their email marketing strategies. You might find some great ideas to apply to your business.

So, the next time you see an opportunity to join a tele summit, supply a product for a fire sale offer, host a webinar, or get interviewed on a top podcast, don’t hesitate. Let people know you’re interested. A list of highly engaged customers who BUY from you is better than a massive list of dead leads.

Treating your tiny list like a to-do list

Email marketing can be a great way to reach your audience and build relationships, but it is essential to approach email subscriptions carefully. Instead of treating your email list like a to-do list full of tasks, try to think about how to provide value to your subscribers. It could mean updating them about new releases or promotions, delivering helpful content in their everyday engagements, or organizing giveaways to reward their loyalty. Hire a business mentor and take some time to focus on what matters most to your clients, so you can go a long way toward ensuring that they will continue to engage with your emails.

Treating email marketing like a to-do list isn’t the best approach. Sure, a small email list is better than a no-email list, but if it consists mostly of family and friends, people who lack any real motivation to read what you have to say, how effective can an email marketing could be? Instead of trying to accomplish apparently minor tasks one by one, focus on more significant objectives that your email list can help you to reach. For example, instead of aiming for ten more newsletter signups weekly, aim to build a more targeted email list by ramping up social media ad placements. As per our business mentor programs, smaller goals are essential, but they won’t get you too far unless they are a part of an excellent plan. Email marketing shouldn’t just be a token effort, it must be started with the end goal in mind and work towards success!

Although making every email list perfect is hard, it is still essential to limit rookie mistakes by following these tips from our top business mentors. Before you hit “send” and your finely crafted message lands in the inboxes of customers, pause for a while and scroll up the checklist of these handy mistakes. It can help to ensure your messages reach to the right people and have a powerful impact on them. One tiny typo error won’t ruin a reputation or risk an unsubscribe, but why risk it? It pays to care about details and ensure that you write your emails carefully with good grammar and accurate information. After all, having a great email list means people pay more attention towards what you’re saying, which can help to turn other visitors into loyal customers! With this mindset, it will maintain a clean database that eliminates inactive and pointless contacts. Keep your customer preferences up-to-date, so you can customize your content accordingly, staying one step ahead will ensure success!

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