Full-Time Job and Part-Time Business: How Women Can Manage Both

Full-Time Job and Part-Time Business: How Women Can Manage Both

In my humble opinion, a full-time occupation can encompass both paid employment and the responsibilities of running a household. These endeavors demand an immense amount of time and energy, yet for many women, the compensation falls short in proportion to the dedication required. Now, how might one integrate a business into this already intricate equation, you might wonder? Ah, I am delighted by your curiosity.


A few years back, when my eldest child embarked on her university journey, I was taken aback by the overwhelming rush of emotions. As a mother, my resolve was unwavering to raise strong, independent individuals ready to conquer the world. Yet, there I was, tears cascading down my face in the solitude of the car, bidding farewell to my precious one. She was prepared, but I had neglected to brace myself for the inevitable.


At some point in my journey, I had poured my heart and soul into my children and husband, unaware of the void it would create when none of them were by my side anymore. It’s been countless years since I last had the mental space and tranquility to rediscover my true self and pursue the aspirations that were once my own.


As a woman, you diligently put in the work – whether it’s in a professional setting or within the confines of your home. Both hold immense significance, yet they may not always provide the fulfillment you crave. And then, a thought arises: “Why not embark on my own entrepreneurial journey?” But doubt and fear attempt to infiltrate your mind. I urge you to stay resolute, for your potential knows no bounds.


How will I manage to do everything I do now AND start a business?

What if I fail?
What business would I even start?

Most of the women I know are already tired and busy. Financial freedom is a dream.

If you want the opportunity to experience and enjoy other activities in life, getting your time under control is imperative.

Women who want to grow their businesses for financial freedom should manage their time wisely and effectively.


This is challenging, but with excellent time management skills, it can be done. With a plan in place, you can transition into a part-time job and part-time business before going full-time. 


Here are some key points to help you get started:

  • Prioritize activities that will move your business forward
  • Break large goals down into smaller tasks
  • Utilize technology to automate mundane tasks

Sit down and work out a plan for when you can start transitioning into your part-time job and business before going full-time. Having the opportunity to experience and enjoy other activities in life is worth the effort of getting your time under control. With this guide, you can take the steps necessary to achieve financial freedom!


So let’s get started!


Are you looking for an opportunity to have financial freedom and work on something you’re passionate about? Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires time and effort to make sure it’s successful. Juggling a full-time job and your business can be quite the challenge, but it is possible to manage both.

Can I Have a Business and a Full Time Job?

Absolutely! The key is to be organised. That may sound simple, but I am not just talking about your business. You need to organise your life, because one thing I know, is that life can get in the way sometimes.


It’s all about prioritising, focusing, and being productive, rather than simply being busy.

Having a full-time job can give you the financial stability and security to pursue your side business. It also gives you access to company resources and connections that you may not have while working on your own.


Start by breaking large goals down into smaller tasks, utilizing technology to automate mundane tasks, and writing out a plan for when you can transition into your part-time job and business.

Remember, getting your time under control is essential if you want the opportunity to experience other activities in life and achieve financial freedom! So take the steps necessary and start working towards your goals today.


Many of the questions and fears you have about starting your own business can be answered. I saw a repeating pattern and created a program that addressed the problems faced by overwhelmed women who have just enough oomph left to strive for more out of life. That program is now known as Future Fempreneur. The final product of a year of work by a small team of dedicated female business coaches. The beta test is done and the program is now available to you.


Imagine what life could be like in just six months, having completed the program and having an amazing business, with solid foundations, and armed with the knowledge, plan, and strategy you need to be successful.


This could change everything for you.


But for now, you need to know it is possible. So let’s talk about what you can start doing today, on your own.


TIPS For You:


  • Set realistic goals
  • Prioritize activities that will move your business forward
  • Make use of technology to automate mundane tasks
  • Break large tasks into small manageable chunks
  • Take regular breaks throughout the day
  • Delegate or outsource certain tasks to free up more time.
Managing a full-time job and part-time business can be daunting, but with strong time management skills, it is possible. Working on your own business alongside a full-time job gives you the financial stability and security to pursue your goals while also giving you access to resources and connections you may not have while completely independent.
These time management tips will help to guarantee that your time is spent wisely:

Focus on being productive.

You can spend a lot of time actively working, yet accomplish relatively little. Being busy is about motion. Make sure you know what you want to achieve in your business and how you will get there. 


Once you’ve set these, stick with them!

Create a schedule and stick to it.

It’s important to have a schedule that details when tasks should.

Being productive is about results.

Consider the results you are likely to see from the course of action you’re about to undertake. Are the expected results worth the time?


Being busy all day and accomplishing nothing should be avoided by everyone, but it’s especially important for those with two jobs.

Make sure to set aside time for yourself.

Working two jobs can be tiring and overwhelming at times, so make sure you take the time to rest and relax. This will help you stay balanced and energised.


Set goals in both your business and a full-time job.


If you have a plan with specific goals

Drop the multitasking.

The ability to multi-task has been lauded for decades, but recent research is showing that multi-tasking is a mistake.


“Some research has shown that focusing on one task at a time increases productivity and performance by 100%.”


It’s more efficient to focus on one task at a time than to divide your attention.



If you find yourself stretched too thin, consider delegating some of the tasks that should be done in both jobs. Outsourcing is an effective way to free up your time and achieve greater results with less effort


This can be the difference maker between success and failure if you’re juggling a part-time business with a full-time job. Productivity is everything. Focus on one thing until it’s time to move on to something else.


Consider using a timer to help you focus. If a task should take 25 minutes to complete, use a timer and try to beat the clock. A simple timer can help you stay focused.

Have a new list of objectives and a to-do list each day.

Priorities and needs change from day to day. Start each day with a new list of priorities. Any incomplete items can be moved to tomorrow’s list, but only if they’re still priorities.


If you find it helpful, have a list of things to do before lunch and after lunch. Breaking up the day like this can make things more manageable.


Create the list the night before. You won’t waste time in the morning trying to plan your day. You might also find some elegant solutions to your challenges if you have the opportunity to sleep on them.

Make a real effort to eliminate distractions and interruptions.

There’s always something else that needs your attention. However, you’ll get more done if you can stick to the important tasks before allowing other things to grab your attention.


You might want to spend the first two hours of each morning working on the most important tasks of the day before opening your email or listening to your phone messages.

Make decisions with the time expenditure in mind.

Working full-time and running a part-time business requires focusing on the time required by certain activities. Quick decision-making skills are vital.


Sometimes, the second or third-best solution is the best if it saves time.


Sometimes a good, quick solution is better than the best solution that is complicated and too time-consuming to implement.

Delegate whenever possible.

Whether it’s at the job or the business, delegate as much as you can. Do you insist on doing too much? Attempt to release some control and get all the help you can.


Managing a full-time job and a part-time business is challenging, but many people can manage both successfully.


Focus on the most important tasks, minimize the distractions around you, and let others help.


No matter how hard we try as women, we can’t be in all places at the same time. You can however use free apps (if you have no budget) or paid tools to perform business tasks for you while you are at your full-time job.


Doing things like scheduling social media posts, content releases, automated email responders, setting up sales funnels, and even using chatbots are some of the first things to invest your time in doing.


This is how you get your business running on autopilot.


Finally, make time for yourself.


Take a break from all the hustle and bustle once in a while. Connect with family and friends to relax your mind and body.


Remember that it’s important to take care of yourself, so you can work hard and play hard too.


I know this one will be a bit hard to swallow, but it is necessary. You have to get help. This help might be around the house, in your business, with the kids, or with other responsibilities you have.


It may be hard to let go, but it will make all the difference in the world. Delegating responsibilities allows you to manage your full-time job and part-time business with ease. You will have more energy and focus to take on bigger tasks when needed.


If someone else can do it faster or better than you.

“The worst thing you can do is give up the things you love to do (like going to the gym or spending a bit of time socialising) so that you can keep doing the things you have to do (like housework or cooking).”


Balance is crucial and something you have to be conscious of every day. You can’t be all work all the time. You will burn out before you see success.


So have those hard conversations with those that should be supporting you and get them to be proactive in giving their support.


My kids have chores to do. Yes my 12-year-old son has dropped the ‘child labour’ bomb on me, but in truth, I believe it is my job as a parent to teach my children life skills – and that includes learning how to cook and clean.


My husband has to pitch in too. He has to take his turn cooking dinner and helping around the house.

Does everyone like my roster – no. But my three eldest have all left home and did so with the confidence that they were self-sufficient – in more ways than just around the house.


My final thoughts…


If you are working full time but find that the work isn’t satisfying, or the money isn’t enough, or your life just doesn’t look like you want it to, then starting your business while you still have a steady income is a good idea.


Yes, it means you will have to make the time and put in the work. But focus on the day you get to quit your job, the day you don’t have to worry about money, or the day you can run your clock.

Don’t spend your life wondering what if. Take the plunge and go for it.


You don’t have to do it alone, if you focus on delegation, automation, and self-care, you will be well on your way to success!


Good luck! 🙂

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”


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